Banning super trawlers in Tasmanian waters

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Super Trawler (c) GreenpeaceIn November 2016, super trawler the Geelong Star, left Australian waters after 18 months – through its fishing operations over that period of time it had killed at least nine dolphins, seven albatross and a number of seals, and was subjected to fishing bans when it first started operating in Australian waters. This vessel  developed a shocking reputation, coming into conflict with recreational fishers, and killing threatened species.

Marine Connection is encouraged by recent news that new laws to strengthen a ban on super trawlers in these waters have passed the State Parliament. Currently, regulation, not legislation, bans super trawlers in Tasmania and under the new laws, if a future government chose to reverse the ban, it would require an act of Parliament rather than simply a change of regulation.

Photo Credit: Greenpeace
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