Boycott Mexican Shrimp to save Vaquita Porpoise

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30 vaquitas remain (c) AWIMarine Connection has joined a coalition led by US based Animal Welfare Institute campaigning for a public boycott of all shrimp caught in Mexico. It is hoped that this action will pressurise Mexican government officials to save the endangered vaquita, the world’s smallest porpoise, from imminent extinction.

Only about 30 individual vaquita are left in Mexico’s northern Gulf of California and, if Mexico does not act quickly, experts believe the vaquita will become extinct within three years.  For decades vaquitas have been killed by entanglement in gillnet fishing gear used in the Gulf to catch shrimp and as a result the population has rapidly collapsed and we are urging supporters in the USA in particular to join the boycott and to stop purchasing Mexican shrimp products.

Further information can be found on the campaign website

Photo Credit: AWI
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