Call of the baby beluga

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Call of the baby belugaA must see – this new film by Marine Connection colleagues Suzanne Chisholm and Mike Parfitt who created ‘Saving Luna’ the story of a young solitary orca, ‘Call of the baby beluga’ follows the story of a young beluga calf who was one day washed up on the shores of the St Lawrence River near Quebec, and the scientific team who stepped in to try to save her.  The story of this baby whale takes the viewer on a larger journey through the amazing world of the endangered St. Lawrence beluga whales and the scientists who have worked for decades against long odds to help them. Like the story of the baby beluga, it is a tough trip in a beautiful place, a true tale of drama, uncertainty, camaraderie, hard work, achievement, perseverance, and love, brightened by a glimpse of hope.

Viewers in the UK can watch this tonight, Monday 27 March at 20:00 on Nat Geo Wild and will be aired in Australia on March 29.
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Photo Credit: Natural Mystery Films Ltd
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