Dolphins follow WA fishing trawlers for food

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Bottlenose dolphins (c) WA Department of Parks and WildlifeThe incidental capture of wildlife in fishing gear presents a global conservation challenge. As a baseline to inform assessments of the impact of bycatch on bottlenose dolphins interacting with the Pilbara trawl fishery in Western Australia, scientist conducted an aerial survey to estimate dolphin abundance across the fishery.

New research shows that the offshore dolphin population in the area of the fishery is smaller than previously thought, with some dolphins repeatedly following the trawlers around, day in, day out, feeding on injured or discarded fish – taking big risks for a cheap meal! Previous studies have shown that 20-50 dolphins are caught in this fishery every year and now with a smaller dolphin population than expected, these new findings will hopefully be used to assess the population’s conservation. status.

The study can be found here

Photo Credit: WA Department of Parks and Wildlife
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