Inside the Tanks – discussing cetacean captivity

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Marineland_Antibes_OneVoiceInside the Tanks is a new short film produced and presented by Jonny Meah whose idea was to produce something showing both sides of the issues behind keeping dolphins and whales in captivity. This thought provoking documentary goes behind the scenes of Marineland, Antibes, France – speaking to not only those fighting to end captivity from the scientific and NGO community but also the industry itself – the result is very enlightening.

Marine Connection director Margaux Dodds commented; “Inside the Tanks covers the issues surrounding the keeping of dolphins and whales in captivity in a frank and unbiased way. It is interesting to see the Zoological Director of Marineland actually agree with some of the findings and comments on the animals behaviour by Dr Ingrid Visser, and he appears to accept that Marineland cannot continue operating in the way they have until now. The fact that Marineland are challenging the recent decision by the French government to ban cetacean breeding was expected, however as they are no longer able to rely on SeaWorld for stocks to allow them to artificially inseminate their orcas, just how long they can continue we shall have to wait and see. I would encourage anyone who wants to have a balanced view on the captivity issue to watch the video and decide for themselves.”

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Photo Credit: One Voice
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