Killer whales to be displayed in Wuxi, eastern China

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killer whale_DPWuxi Changqiao Ocean Kingdom will be the largest ocean park in the region upon completion in 2019.  Covering 185,000-sq-m at a cost of approximately $435 million the facility plans to display marine mammals including killer whales, beluga whales and polar bears also over 1,000 species of fish.  The new facility is being developed by Hangzhou Changqiao Investment Group whose portfolio includes Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park, Zhengzhou Polar Ocean World and Nanchang Ocean Park.  This latest news reflects just how quickly the industry is expanding in China which sadly continues to drive the capture of whales and dolphins to supply new facilities.  All the killer whales currently held in China have been wild caught from Russian waters, forced to live in conditions that are inadequate to meet their complex physical and behavioural needs.

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