Potential export of wild dolphins from Africa to Asia

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We were notified recently that the Fisheries Management Committee of the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) is currently reviewing an application by a Chinese businessman to capture and export marine life, including dolphins and seals, from Namibian waters for the Asian aquarium trade.  Once the Fisheries Management Committee has reviewed this application, it will send a recommendation to Minister Bernhard Esau.  The company intends to invest an initial amount 30 million Namibian Dollars, which will include the equipment and vessels to commence the capture operation. The wild population of bottlenose dolphins around the Namibian coast are officially recognised as a protected species and consist of approximately 100 animals.  Both Namibia, the capture/export country and China, the importing country are parties to CITES whose basic principle is  to ensure that the export of specimens of a species will not be detrimental to the survival of wild populations.  The exporting party should issue a non-detriment finding, however  it has not been confirmed whether a scientific assessment of the population-level effects of the removals of dolphins or whales in  Namibia waters has been  undertaken.  Therefore without any reliable data it is impossible to make a credible judgment about these captures.

Watching wildlife, including dolphins, in their natural habitat attracts millions of visitors worldwide per year and it is this that we urge Namibia to embrace and promote, instead of considering capture and export of wild stocks from their coastal waters for export.  We need to stop these captures now.  Please join us in expressing your concern over the plans to capture/export wild dolphins from Namibia by :

Sending a polite email to Bernard Esua, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources  –
also by Signing the online petition

Photo Credit: Namibian Dolphin Project


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