Public consultation on Dolphinaria and Zoos in the EU

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Please participate in the Public Consultation as part of the REFIT evaluation of EU Zoos Directive and provide your opinions about the role of zoos in the European Union which includes dolphinaria.

loro_parque_dolphinsThe EU Zoos Directive provides all EU countries with a baseline requirement which must be incorporated into national law and requires all zoos to be licensed and inspected regularly by a competent authority to ensure compliance to meet the welfare needs of the animals.  Margaux Dodds, captivity campaigns manager explains, “Although our aim is to end the keeping of cetaceans in captivity, and the charity is wholeheartedly against the keeping of any animal in zoos, as long as these facilities exist, it is essential that we all ensure they are afforded the utmost protection and that conditions in which they are held meet certain standards.  It is vital that national zoo legislation is tightly controlled, laws implemented and enforced to protect the welfare of these animals as, if left unregulated, facilities can simply do as they please, meaning animals are kept in sub-standard conditions.”  Dodds adds, “There are many instances where zoo legislation has been successfully utilized to ensure that dolphinaria meet standards as set out in law.  For example, in the UK it was tightening of these standards that helped end the keeping of captive cetaceans in this country.  It is therefore vital that zoo standards are in place and adhered to.  This is not a case of supporting or condoning captivity, simply that we need to be able to ensure that captive animals have some degree of protection by law, in their respective country.”

Marine Connection welcomes your participation in completing the Questionnaire, which is available in all European languages and can be completed anonymously.  Your comments and feedback are important.  By tightening legislation within the EU, we could be one step nearer to phasing out the keeping of dolphins in captivity and keeping animals in zoos.

Access the Questionnaire here :  Deadline for comment is 8 December 2016

Photo Credit: Marine Connection
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