Right whale sightings dwindle this season

By February 20, 2017 No Comments

right-whale-calf_NOAAThe winter migration for right whales may not yet be over however there are concerns over the amount of sightings off the Florida coast. Fewer whales have been seen than at any time since scientists/researchers commenced tracking with only four adult right whales and three calves having been sighted offshore.  There has been a fairly dramatic decline in the distribution of right whales in other habitats such as their summer feeding grounds in the Bay of Fundy and the Great South Channel. A few reports of sightings have been received from other locations, but not in sufficient numbers to account for those that are missing.  The most recent whale sighting off Florida was on February 8, when a whale known as Tripelago was seen with her fourth calf. Right whale scientists plan to gather at a meeting in Massachusetts in mid-March to address their widespread concern over the apparent reduction in numbers.

Photo Credit: NOAA
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