Rumoured dolphin capture vessel in African waters looks set to depart – but to where?

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namibian-dolphin-projectRyazanovka, the rumored capture vessel brought in to transport marine life from Namibian waters is currently refuelling at Walvis Bay. Despite consistent requests to Namibia’s Fisheries Minister Hon Bernhard Esau on whether his management committee had or had not approved the permit to capture marine life, including dolphins and seals along the country’s coastline it is still unclear whether the necessary permits have been obtained.  This application should have been refused immediately upon receipt to prevent any  capture of wild dolphins to supply the Asian aquarium trade.  No captive facility can provide what is required to meet the welfare needs or adequate exercise for dolphins, which in the wild, are capable of swimming up to 60 miles a day.  The immediate concern now  is –  what is the destination and plans of the vessel/crew once it departs the port within the coming days and what, if anything, do they have on board?

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Photo Credit: Namibian Dolphin Project
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