Särkänniemi release statement on dolphin transfers to Attica Park, Greece

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Tampere dolphinariumThe dolphins from Särkänniemi dolphinarium in Finland have been moved to Attica Park, Greece.  Greece currently has a ban in place on any performances of animals, even domestic pets.  However, since the ban was put in place, Attica Park dolphinarium has been allowed to continue to operate and now the authorities has allowed the importation of even more dolphins, something is very wrong here.

To say Attica did not benefit from the transfer financially may on the surface be fact, but even if no financial arrangement has been made by way of a ‘sale’ of the animals, Attica has financially profited, as they now have gained four dolphins without having to purchase them on the open market, therefore there is no doubt they will financially profit from this ‘exchange’.  Whilst it is true that no dolphin sanctuary currently exists, it is untrue there was no solution offered by animal welfare groups.  Miikka Seppälä, CEO of Tampereen Särkänniemi was approached on several occasions with a request that the dolphins be temporarily relocated until a sanctuary space was available, allowing the dolphins to retire to a more natural surrounding, however the owners of Särkänniemi chose not to take this option.

With the dolphins already in the pool at Attica, sadly it appears  their fate now is to live out the remainder of their lives in a tank.

Read the statement from Särkänniemi here


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