Some positive news for Scotland’s Moray Firth dolphins

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MF dolphinThank you to all who have supported the campaign so far to stop the ship-to-ship transfers of millions of tonnes of crude oil in the open waters of the Moray Firth, home to the world’s most northerly resident bottlenose dolphin population.  The licence applicants Cromarty Firth Port Authority (CFPA), had been advised to re-submit a revised version of their original application, to take into account concerns raised after the initial application was published.

It has now been revealed that the Maritime Coastal Agency (MCA) has advised the CFPA that rather than submit a revision, they must withdraw their current application entirely and submit a new one, and this can take several months.  Thanks to everyone who has so far signed the petition and voiced their concerns – you have helped make this latest development possible and your ongoing support to stop this licence being granted is vital.  In the meantime, Marine Connection will continue to support the Cromarty Rising campaign and demand that the CFPA drop the application entirely.

Photo Credit: Marine Connection
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