Speak out for the dolphins in Taiji

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100 souls (c) Dolphin Project Jan 2017Disturbed by recent reports that fishermen in Taiji had subjected a pod of bottlenose dolphins, including juveniles and calves with their mothers, to unimaginable stress over 5 days of the ‘selection’ process, and then removed 100 for sale into the captivity industry, Marine Connection has written to the office of the Japanese Prime Minister. We have expressed our outrage over this incident and the continuance of the hunts in general, with those involved showing blatant disregard for the lives of these dolphins which are subjected to abuse and suffering at the hands of these fishermen.

Please add your support to end the drive hunts and stop this continued abuse of dolphins and small whales by leaving your comments for the Prime Minister of Japan

Join the ‘Light Up Taiji’ protest in London on Saturday 28 January – and add your voice to stop the dolphin slaughter and to end captivity.

Photo Credit: Dolphin Project

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