Remembering those taken from Penn Cove

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Penn Cove Candle BToday, August 8th marks the 47th anniversary of the capture of seven members of the Southern Resident orca population including Lolita, in Penn Cove, Washington State, USA.

During the 1960s/70s, almost 40 orcas were taken from the wild for the captivity industry, today Lolita is the one lone survivor.  She has endured almost half a century in captivity and, despite approaches having been made to her owners to allow her to retire, she still languishes alone, the only one of her species, in the smallest orca tank in America.

Marine Connection continues to campaign with our colleagues at Orca Network for Lolita’s retirement to more natural surroundings, in a sea pen near to the area she was so cruelly removed from all those years ago.  Our support goes out to everyone taking part in the Penn Cove Commemoration in Washington State today.

Please join us by sharing this candle on Facebook in memory of those taken and support the campaign for Lolita’s retirement to a sea pen.

Her family are waiting.

Photo Credit: Marine Connection
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