Arle going – but Lolita remains, for now

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Lolita_MS_2015 (c) H GarrettThe news about the closure of Arle Capital has raised many questions on social media as to what this means for the future of Lolita. For Parques Reunidos, the owners of the portfolio of companies which owns Miami Seaquarium, operated by their US subsidiary Palace Entertainments it is business as usual. Arle Capital still holds around 28% shareholder stake in the company as of today’s date, however as a private equity firm it is usual, once they have sold off their investments, including that in Parques Reunidos, they liquidate the company and return funds generated (usually with a capital gain) to their original investors – and this, we believe, what is happening now. So, on the surface of things Parques Reunidos/Palace Entertainments will not be affected by the situation with Arle, whether they now choose to appoint another portfolio management company, and who that will be, will no doubt be revealed in the coming weeks/months.

Marine Connection director Margaux Dodds, who is due to speak at the March for Lolita at the end of this month in London and comments; “I believe from the organisers that the march will still be going ahead, however as this will no longer involve Arle Capital a new route is being discussed, but the rally will still proceed and we will post updates as soon as these are available. In the meantime we all have to continue to fight for Lolita and stop her suffering – nothing has changed for her, and nothing will unless we continue to speak out for her retirement.”

Our friends Tillers Folly/The Wilds have produced a beautiful song/video to support Lolita – please take a moment to watch and share

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