Marine Connection needs your help to make this a better world for dolphins and whales.

We are dedicated to ending dolphins and whales being held in captivity and address threats posed to them in the wild, however we cannot continue our work without your support.

Some people confine, hurt and kill dolphins and whales. Others choose to help them.

Around the world dolphins and whales are in danger from hunting, bycatch, ghost net entanglement and captivity – living lives of quiet desperation.  You may not hear their cries, but they suffer all the same.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

If you knew the extent of their suffering and you had the power to help them, wouldn’t you agree that it’s best not to be neutral? Wouldn’t you agree that it’s best to help them – in whatever way you can?  Marine Connection can help dolphins and whales but we cannot do it without your help. Your donation will help us continue our work, helping to put an end to them living lives of fear and unjust cruelty. And you can choose to be on their side right now.

If you’re willing to help, please donate using the link below. Rest assured, whatever you give it will go a long way.

Where your donation goes

Marine Connection was founded on the belief that everyone can make a difference and every donation received will help:

  • Fund our vital conservation programmes and campaigns.
  • At government level, your donation will fund projects that allow us to liaise with decision makers to influence legislation and create or change laws to stop the keeping of dolphins and whales in captivity and wild captures.
  • We can continue campaigning against bycatch – the single biggest killer of whales, dolphins and porpoises worldwide.
  • Help to increase our vital educational work – the more people who know about the threats these majestic marine mammals face on a daily basis, the more people will want to help stop them.

“I can’t afford to donate, but can I help?”

Absolutely – you can help by sharing this page with as many people as possible.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and write a short message so other people can help, too. Just copy the URL and share it on social media with a note asking people to visit our site and donate – together we can make a difference.

You can also help make a difference by donating your expertise, experience and skills to our cause – be it designing new marketing materials, blogging, assisting with our campaigns –  the list is endless.

Photo Credits: Main Pic – H Garrett (Orca Network), Bottom Pic – Judith Scott Photography
Striped Dolphin (c) J. Scott